Wolfscote and Dovedale



Step into the legend of Wolfscote dale with this enchanting, rejuvenating fragrance.

An aroma full of rich, woody notes, elevated with a zing of citrus entwined with cedar.


Wolfscote dale sits close to Dovedale, and whilst being less popular, it is by no means less striking. Legend has it that the lone remaining wolf that roamed the Derbyshire dales met his fate nearby, and with the dale’s powerful limestone caves and meadows of wildflowers, it’s not hard to picture the mighty creatures that might have once made this dale their home. Wolfscote is an enchanting, powerful fragrance sure to inspire dreams of tales long ago.



Step into the woodland of Dovedale with this fresh, woody spruce fragrance.

A fresh and airy pine forest smell with top notes of eucalyptus.

Dovedale is perhaps the most famous of the Dales. It is known for its rocky slopes and wooded ravines and, of course, its stepping stones not far from Thorpe cloud. Allow this woodland fragrance to conjure images of green trees on spring afternoons beside the river dove. 

At The Derbyshire Candle Company, we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. That’s why we use a blend of natural waxes, a lead free cotton wick and all our glass is recyclable. Most importantly, £1 from every candle sold goes to conserving the environment and wildlife of the Peak District National Park.

This candle will burn for approx 45hrs. For safety information see our Candle Care page or the base of your candle.
Hand poured in the Peak District.

*Please note that due to our candles being hand poured, each candle is unique and may vary. There may be some ‘bubbles’ or discolouration, but this won’t affect the quality in any way.