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 The Derbyshire Candle Company is based just outside Ashbourne on the southern tip of the Peak District. All our candles are inspired by the natural beauty of the area and aim to bring the fragrances of the peaks, hills, dales and woodland in to your home. 

We are passionate about the protection and development of this extraordinary environment and each candle sold will contribute to the conservation of the Peak District and its wildlife. Click here to read more.


Though it is hard to be 100% eco-friendly, we try to keep the environment in mind with every aspect of the candle. We use a Cotton lead-free wick to give a clean burn, and all our candles are Soy wax; a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans- a renewable resource. Our candles are held in recyclable jars, and our packaging is all recyclable too!


Our candles are made locally, in Ilam, which not only limits our impact on the environment via transportation, but also supports local business. 

 Naturally in designing our candles we have chosen products which are both environmentally friendly but also provide the best fragrances and burn quality. 

Our fragrances are inspired by the Derbyshire countryside; the wooded ravines, the meadows of wild flowers, the streams winding between the hills. You can find out more about out fragrances here.

Find out more about what we do to help protect the environment and how to care for your candle below: